1. Getting Started with you new LEUPP watch

Watch the video below for some basic steps to follow when you get your new LEUPP watch.


  1. Remove the protective file
  2. Remove the watch stopper
  3. Set the Time


2. How to change your LEUPP strap

Watch the video below to interchange your LEUPP straps easily with our quick-release leather and metal straps. 


  1. Turn over your LEUPP watch and locate the release pin
  2. Push the quick-release pin inwards to release from the lugs
  3. Insert the new strap by first inserting the pin from the end opposite the release pin
  4. Push the quick-release pin inwards and release it to secure the strap in place


Clean with a soft dry cloth to wipe off dirt, perspiration and water from the case and crystal.

❌ Do not submerge or place under running water. LEUPP watches are not waterproof but they are splash resistant - okay for light rain but not suitable for swimming, fishing or other water-related activities. LEUPP watches are fashion watches and are not designed to be submerged or placed directly under running in water. Remember to always remove your watch when taking showers or engaging in water activities.

❌ Do not tug the keepers. Adjust the keepers with 2 fingers and gently slide to the desired direction. Never slide the keepers by tugging the strap! This force in the wrong direction will cause strain and break the keepers.