Getting Started with your new LEUPP watch

Watch the video below for some basic steps to follow when you get your new LEUPP watch.


  1. Remove the protective film
  2. Remove the watch stopper
  3. Set the Time


To keep your new LEUPP Watch looking great and working smoothly for the years ahead, it’s important to practice proper watch care. Luckily, taking care of your watch is simple if you know what to do and maintain it regularly. That’s why we’ve outlined some easy practices for basic care and maintenance.

Clean Your Watch. There are a lot of small creases and crevasses to clean on your watch where dirt and oil can accumulate. After use, you can wipe down your watch with alint-free soft cloth, to wipe off dirt, perspiration and water from the case and crystal.

❌ Avoid Extreme Heat and Humidity. It’s always good practice to avoid exposing them to extreme heat or humidity. The heat can shorten the battery life of a quartz and the sunlight can fade the color of the watch face or leather band. Humid conditions, even those in your bathroom, can damage your watch and increase the likelihood of rusting. Any drastic changes in temperature or humidity could be detrimental to your watches ability to function properly.

❌ Avoid Chemicals and Colognes. Keep your watch away from chemicals like cleaning supplies, colognes or perfumes, and even substances like lotions. If you have a leather band, these types of substances can weaken the leather or even cause it to tear. Be sure to take off your watch before cleaning or if you apply a cologne, perfume, or lotion. After application, make sure it’s completely dry before putting on your watch.

Avoid Magnets. Try to keep your watch away from magnets, from small magnets like handbag clasps to large magnets like airport detectors. Any type of magnet has the ability to severely damage your watch and cause expensive repairs.

❌ Do not submerge or place under running water. LEUPP watches are not waterproof but they are splash resistant - okay for light rain but not suitable for swimming, fishing or other water-related activities. LEUPP watches are fashion watches and are not designed to be submerged or placed directly under running water. Remember to always remove your watch when taking showers or engaging in water activities.

❌ Do not tug the keepers. Never slide the keepers by tugging the strap! This force will cause strain and break the keepers. Adjust the keepers with 2 fingers and gently slide to the desired direction.

How do I Care for my Piña Strap?

Use a natural colorless wax to keep your Piña strap looking hydrated. Apply your wax of choice sparingly with a clean cloth and leave to dry.


If you think your watch isn't working, read the common issues below👇:

👉  Have you removed the watch stopper? When you purchase a new watch from LEUPP, it will come with a watch stopper - a plastic piece between the case and the crown. While the watch stopper is in place, the hands of the watch will wobble. This is normal. THE WATCH IS NOT BROKEN. For the watch to start running, pull the watch stopper off and set the time.

👉 Does the watch model have a second hand?If there is no second hand, it can be tricky to determine if the minute and hour hands are moving. Set the watch at a 12 o'clock position and allow it to run for 10 minutes. Check if the minute hand hasn't moved after 10 minutes.

If the watch still isn't working, please contact us for a 30-Day Return & Exchange.